A high-speed spell battle in the sky

A high-speed action with gorgeous shooting battles in the sky.
Shots and spells are all limited in number. Decide depending on the situation, which actions to take.

A harmony of music and bombardments in the “Fired-up Battle System”

The Fired-up Mode changes the characters abilities along to the song.
Decide by the current mode, whether you play offensive or defensive. A simple but dramatic battle extends!
Additionally, you can create your own Fired-up Mode data.
Choose a song with the Fired-up Mode, that you are comfortable with and overwhelm your rivals!

Customize your abilities with the “Reigyoku System”

Equip Reigyokus to enjoy battles even more.
There are three different types of Reigyokus. Attack, Speed and Protection types.

  • For example:
  • ○Attack Reigyoku
  • ”Attack”… Raises attack according to Fired-up Mode
  • ○Speed Reigyoku
  • ”Wind”… Raises agility according to Fired-up Mode
  • ○Protection Reigyoku
  • ”All”… Guards in all ways, reload time 500%

A variety of modes you can enjoy alone or with others

Several single-player modes

In addition to Arcade Mode and Survival Mode, where you continue to battle CPUs one after another, there is a Sky Adventure Mode with missions to obtain Reigyokus.

Enjoy two-player battles

In Battle Mode, you can choose a character and a stage to battle CPUs.
There is also a two-player mode with split-screen.

Play with rivals from your county in multiplayer

Play online with players up to 4, using the PlayStation™Network.
There is a Rank Match, where you can battle others, affecting the ranking and a Player Match, where you can battle lighthearted with friends.
Make your own rules and enjoy 2vs2 battles in Battle Royales with strangers from your country!

Gensokyo floating in the sky

The stages are places of floating Gensokyo. Sometimes floating shrines and rocks can cover bullets.